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WiFi Wireless Zephyr Express


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The Expanded Wireless Wi-Fi Zephyr Express is the ONLY starter set with its simplicity, wide variety of advanced features, and a clear positive upgrade path to bigger and better things without obsolescing anything. It is the Absolute Best Entry-Level System and makes a Great Add-on Yard Throttle and Booster for existing Digitrax systems.

For an entry-level system, the Expanded Wireless Wi-Fi Zephyr Express has many impressive features – practically a mini-Chief. Check out this list of Wireless Zephyr features:

The Expanded Wireless Zephyr Express Wi-Fi Starter Set Includes:

  • DCS-52 Booster Command Station/Power Booster and Throttle (rated at 3 Amps)
  • Decoder LT1 Test Kit
  • Digitrax Wi-Fi Receiver (LNWI)
  • 2 Basic Locomotive Decoders (HO DH126D or N-Scale DN135D) your choice.
  • 5′ LocoNet Cable
  • PS-314 Power Supply (110 Volts or 240 Volts)
  • Digitrax Decoder Manual
  • Digitrax Zephyr Xtra Manual.

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Wireless Zephyr Express Wi-Fi Capabilities:

  • Command Station, Booster, and Throttle all contained in one “Console” station.
  • Color 2.4 LCD Screen.
  • Large Backlit Keypad.
  • Large Loco control spin-knob throttle
  • Large Direction knob with Brake position
  • Two “jump” ports that allow you to use 2 traditional DC analog throttles to control 2 trains
  • LocoNet (6-wire phone cable and RJ12 jacks) peer-to-peer network for throttles and accessories
  • Accepts all Digitrax throttles: plug-in & walk-around, Infrared or Radio throttles.
  • Operate up to 20 throttles (engineers) at one time.
  • Control up to 20 trains at once
  • 14, 28, and 128 speed steps
  • Two- and Four-Digit Addressing, selectable with 10-key pad
  • Analog loco controlled with address “00”
  • 3-amp booster with 13.8-volt (N/HO) output
  • Additional boosters can be added as needed
  • Control front and rear lights plus up to 29 other functions with built-in throttle
  • Mute Key used in conjunction with DCC sound decoders to turn the sound on/off.
  • Control up to 999 turnouts
  • Turnout feedback: memory, positive, and exact
  • Basic, Uni-Versal, and Advanced MU consisting
  • Separate programming track allows programming in any mode while layout continues to run.
  • Program all CVs with any required value
  • Read/Write programming, even in OPS-Mode, if layout is wired with Transponding Receivers
  • OPS-Mode programming. The Zephyr throttle display will not do OPS-mode read back.
  • Braking feature that allows you to set and release the brake with a lever on the console..
  • Use PR-3 interface (s) to connect one or more computers to the system (Sold Seporatly)
  • Easily upgrades to the Chief without being obsolete
  • Can be added to any system to be used as a yard throttle with it’s own booster for the yard
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