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We Ship Worldwide

We have tried our best to provide you a wide variety of ways to get your products to you.  You can select from the following methods;
U.S.Mail  — All Services                               
United Parcel Service (UPS)  — All Services
Shipping Charges
Your shipping charges are calculated automatically by our shopping cart software.  Your shipping charges are calculated by using the weight of your items and then the shipping service you have selected.  Both the U.S. Postal Service and UPS have web based calculations for your shipments.  Overseas orders Credit Card charges and PayPal that exceed $300.00 will be have an additional 4% currency conversion charge added to their order due to additional charge we are charged from our bank.  Overseas wire transfers and checks will be charged $30.00 processing fee. These charges are what we are charged for these services from our Bank.
In an effort to keep your shipping charges as low as possible we try and recycle shipping materials.  We will recycle boxes, and packaging materials (peanuts, news papers and shredded materials) to keep your costs as low as possible.  As hard as we try to keep packaging costs low we still need to add $3.00 to your shipping charges to cover things like labels and tape and transportation to the Post Office.
Insurance & Surcharges
All packages shipped are insured to the closest $100 of value. 
UPS charges are free for the first $100 value, then from $100.01 to $300.00 is $1.50 then an additional  $0.50 per $100 after that.  In addition UPS charges $2.00 surcharge for delivery to a residence.
Shippers Web Sites
Below you will find the web sites of our shippers, you can check on the costs for shipping your orders via these sites.
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