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Train 98 at Santa Barbara
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We are one of the original DCC dealers in the country, established in 1993 and have been helping folks like you enjoy Model Railroading the way should be, FUN!

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Going way back like most of us we started in model railroading when we were kids.  When we got our first model train for Christmas.  My self my parents got me an American Flyer train set when I was about 5 years old.  This planted the seed, I was hooked until this day.

The old Gilbert American Flyer set fell into disrepair and got retired.  Again for Christmas 1956 my folks built me a 4 x 8 loop of track with an HO Mantua 0-6-0 locomotive and my Mom built 4 car kits. In addition Dad built a small western town from scratch.  Wow, I was a hit in the neighborhood.  I still have the train.

As time went on and I discovered Girls and sports and the trains got retired. Finished High School, then a couple of years of Jr. College then off to the Navy for 4 years.

While still in the Navy is when I rediscovered Model Railroading.  After a wild weekend party and nursing quite the hangover I decided this was not for me.  A few days later I was shopping at the Navy Exchange and low and behold I found a Rapido train set for sale.  I snatched it up and thet was the rebirth of Model Railroading for me.

After a number of years still fooling around with Model Railroading built a 20 x 25 N-Scale layout.  By this time I had acquired a small fleet of rolling stock and locomotives.  The layout was set up with power blocks so I could run multiple trains.  This was not much fun.  One day at my local hobby shop they had a new control system called Zero 1 by Hornby.  I discovered the receivers were designed primarily for HO but I was able to shoehorn them into N-Scale steam locomotives.  Now I was hooked big time.  Now the Kids loved playing with the trains as well as me.

After a move to Atlanta, GA I decided to build another layout.  Spent a couple of years designing the new layout specifically for my Zero 1 control system.  While a club meeting I was introduced to a couple wanted to know if anyone knew anything about Digital Command Control (DCC).  I told them about the Zero 1 system I planned on using on my new layout.  After talking with them for awhile and understanding what DCC was all about I picked up a Digitrax Challenger for my new layout, it worked great.  I was hooked.

After fooling with the DCC system I decided to strat Southern Digital.  Bought a couple of systems and decoders and rented a table at a train show in Florida just to see if this DCC stuff would fly.  Well after the first day we sold everything, that was the beginning. Here we are 25 years later.

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