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WOW Steam Decoder

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The new TCS WoW Steam motor/sound decoders have the highest CD quality of sound on the market today. Considering the high quality they are the most user friendly programming in the market with it’s “Audio Assist”. Audio Assist enables the user to set most of the functions and sound selections and volumes by using the keys on your throttle. The decoder will ask the user questions by using the speaker on the decoder once installed, Audio Assist will ask want sound you want to change and make the changes immediately The decoder is loaded with new sounds and features, see below.


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Dimensions 1.35 x .66 X .22 or 34.29mm x 16.72mm x 5.59mm

Power Rating 1 Amp RMS and 1.5 Amp peek


  • Dynamic Light, Medium & Heavy Steam Chuff
  • Optional Chuff Cam wire.
  • 24 Individual Whistles to select from using Audio Assist
  • 18 Individual Bells with adjustable ring rates both by Audio Assist
  • Prototypical Cylinder Drain Cock for Light, Medium & Heavy steam.
  • 2 Generator/Dynamo sounds with spin-up and spin-down using Audio Assist
  • Coupling & Un-Coupling sounds.
  • 6 Programmable light functions
  • 19 different lighting effects
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