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TS-8 ABS Target Signal Driver Circuit Board

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Controls Eight Target / Search Light Color Signals that use bi-color/tri-colored LEDs. NO PC Required.

The Target Signal controller (TS-8) by Southern Digital has been designed to provide Automatic Block Signaling (ABS) for your railroad. NO COMPUTER IS REQUIRED!! The TS-8 is a very flexible board enabling you to configure the board for many Target Signal applications. The Target Signal controller (TS-8) is assembled and tested. Cables are not included and can be purchased separately as required. This unit requires track detection an interface board (i.e. EX-1 or EX-8 Missing Link) and up to 8 bi-colored or tri-colored LED signals. The TS-8 can be configured to operate 8 signals in one direction, 8 individual blocks or 8 signal heads in two directions in 4 blocks. In addition you have the option to have your signals display RED and GREEN only or all three colors RED, YELLOW and GREEN depending on how you strap the board.

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  • Provides Automatic Block Signaling (ABS) for up to 8 blocks. The blocks do not have to be in sequence, any 8 blocks. Can also be configured for 4 blocks with signals in both directions.
  • Supports bi-colored LEDs (two wires) or tri-colored LEDs (3 wires like our Sunrise signals)
  • TS-8 will power only LED’s with appropriate resistors (100+ ohms).
  • A detection system must be installed on the railroad to trigger the TS-8 board. Suggested detection systems are the Digitrax BDL-162 or DS-54 equipped with a BD-1 or any system that puts out a ground when the block is occupied. (sold separately)
  • An interface board between the block detector and the TS-8 is also required either the Southern Digital EX-1 (interface for 1 TS-8) or EX-8 (interface for 2 TS-8) should be used. (sold separately).
  • One 10 conductor ribbon cable is required between the Southern Digital Missing Link (EX-1 or EX-8) and the TS-8, Southern Digital will custom make these cables to length for you. (See Phone Cables below).
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