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Mc2H104P9 Soundtraxx HO Motor Only Decoder


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Description: Workes with HO Scale locomotives. This Motor ONLY decoder has been designed for the 2nd locomotive in your consist that does not have the sound decoder.  By adding this decoder to your 2nd unit both the units should be power matched.

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Scales: Z, N and HO Scales Lighting Effects: Hyper Lights Installation Type: Wired
Current (RMS): 1 Amp Current (Peek): 125 Amps Function Outputs: 2 @ .5 Amp
Size Length: . 55 Size Width: . 28 Size Height: . 128
Addressing: 2 and 4 Digit Consisting: Basic/Advanced Decoder Reset: Yes
Speed Steps: 14, 28 and 128 Quiet Motor Mode: Yes Back EMF: No
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