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Digitrax SDN-144A0 Plug & Play Motor & Sound Decoder

This decoder is designed for the N-Scale Atlas GP-38 C-420 and other Atlas locomotives
This motor and sound decoder comes with a generic Diesel and Steam Locomotive sound. By using the Digitrax PR-3 and the Sound Loader software (included with PRD) you can upload any sounds you would like on this decoder. You can download specific locomotive sound file from the Digitrax Sound Depot web site at
 The decoder is fit with a 18mm x 13mm 8 Ohm speaker ready to install. (Optional Cam Kit can be added to locomotive driver to synchronize the driver movement with the chuff rate. The Cam Kit is not required and chuff rate will be determined by motor voltage.)

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Scales: N-Scale Lighting Effects: 16 Installation Type: Plug & Play
Current (RMS): 1 amp Current (Peek): 2 amp Function Outputs: 4 @ 200 u Amp.
Size Length: 3.0015″ Size Width: .0.1570″ Size Height: .374″
Addressing: 2 and 4 Digit Consisting: Basic/Advanced Decoder Reset: Yes
Speed Steps: 14, 28, 128 Quiet Motor Mode: Yes Sound Effects: 6
Speaker: 1 Watt @ 8 Ohms Processor: 8 Bit Equalizer: No
Reverb: No Load Compensation: Yes Rule 17: Yes
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