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Right Hand Medium Code 83 Insulfrog (SLU-8361)


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SL-U8361 Peco HO Scale Right hand #6 medium switch, this is the fine scale code 83 rail. This switch is power routing or non power routing. Simply add a PL-10 or PL-10W switch motor and PL-13 switch motor contacts for remote operation.

Type: Insulfrog Code: 83 Radii 1: 40″

Availability: 6 in stock (can be backordered)

Universal: Can be eitherare Power Routing or Non Power Routing to the frog rails, this makes them DCC Friendly when installing them in a passing siding or when there is another switch at the opposite end of the siding. The advantage to Insulfrog is they are easy to install with minimum wiring, the disadvantage is small steam locomotives may sometime stall on the dead frog.

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