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Right Hand Large Code 55 (SL-E388F)


Peco Right Hand Large #8 Electrofrog Switch is Code 55 and has power routing and has a powered Frog. For remote operation, add a Peco PL-10 or PL-10W switch motor and a PL-13 switch contact.

Type: Electrofrog Code: 55 Radii: 36″

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Electrofrog ARE power routing, this means the frog rails will be powered from the point rails (the rails that move).  This will cause a short circuit on your layout when installed in a passing siding for both DC and DCC when the switch at the opposite end of the siding is set for the mainline and the opposite end of the siding is set for the diverging route.  To eliminate this problem use insulated rail joiners on bothe of the frog rails.  The advantage to Electrofrog is with small steam locomotive, because the frog is always powered the small loco’s do not have a tendency to stall on the frog.

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2 × .25 in
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