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The Digitrax DH-163D mobile decoder is rated at 1.5 Amp RMS and 2 Amp peek . This hard wired HO decoder supports:
  • Torque Compensation
  • Super Sonic (Quiet)
  • Speed Compensation (Cruise Control) and Transponding.

The decoder has reversing head lights and (4) four additional functions suitable for operating ditch lights, number board lights or a smoke unit. In addition the decoder has Expanded special lighting FX3 functions, all functions are re-mapable, a CV for reset to factory defaults and many additional new features.

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Scales: HO Scales FX3 Lighting Effects: Yes Installation Type: Wired
Current (RMS): 1.5 Amp Current (Peek): 2 Amps Function Outputs: 6 @ 500ma
Size Length: .1.2″ Size Width: .66″ Size Height: .25″
Addressing: 2 and 4 Digit Consisting: Basic/Advanced Decoder Reset: Yes
Speed Steps: 14, 28 and 128 Quiet Motor Mode: Yes Add Sound (SFX064D): NO
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