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Description: This Digitrax decoder has been specifically designed to PLUG into Aristrocraft locomotives equipped with 2 10 pin plugs for the Aristrocraft wiring harness. This decoder is equipped with front and rear reversing head lights, 8 additional functions wires, FX special lighting effects and can be configured to operate Lionel AC motors. In addition the DG383AR has “Torque Compensation”, low noise Super Sonic PWM, Speed Stabilization and Transponding. It’s loaded with features.

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Scales: O and G Scales & Lionel AC FX3 Lighting Effects: Yes Installation Type: Plug & Play
Current (RMS): 3.5 Amp Current (Peek): 5 Amps Function Outputs: 10 @ 100ma
Size Length: 1.45″ Size Width: 2.23″ Size Height: .3″
Addressing: 2 and 4 Digit Consisting: Basic/Advanced Decoder Reset: Yes
Speed Steps: 14, 28 and 128 Quiet Motor Mode: Yes Add Sound (SFX064D): NO
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