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Alco-244 Tsunami Diesel Sound Decoder

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Soundtraxx Tsuname TSU-750

For: Alco 244 No Turbocharged prototype suitable locomotives:

  • S-1
  • S-2

Selectable Air Horns:

  • Wabco A2, E3
  • Leslie A125, A200, S2M, S3L, S5T
  • Naathan: K3L, M3, M5, P3, P5 (Early)
  • Holden: M3H, K5H
  • Hancock Air Whistle

Sound Effects Include: Diesel Exhaust, Engine Start-Up, Bell, Airhorn, Radiator Fans, Compressor, Dynamic Brakes, Brake Sqeel, Coupler Clank and more.


F0= Headlight On/Off F1=Bell F2=Air Horn F3=Short Horn
F4=Dynamic Brakes F5=(Additional Function) F6=(Additional Function) F7=Light Dimmer
F8=Audio Mute F9=Radiator Fans F10=Air Compressor F11=Brake Squeel
F12+Coupler Clank

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Scales: N-Scale & some HO Lighting Effects: 16 Installation Type: Soldering Required
Current (RMS): .75 Amp Current (Peek): .75 Amps Function Outputs: 4 @ 100 u Amp.
Size Length: 1″ Size Width: .5″ Size Height: .25″
Addressing: 2 and 4 Digit Consisting: Basic/Advanced Decoder Reset: Yes
Speed Steps: 14, 28 and 128 Quiet Motor Mode: Yes Sound Effects: 12
Speaker: 1 Watt @ 8 Ohms Processor: 16 Bit
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