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Radios for your DCC Systems

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UR-92 Duplex Radio Transceiver

Digitrax UR-92 Radio Receiver

MSRP $160.00
Your Price  $129.95

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Infrared ReceiverDigitrax UR90 Infrared Receiver

MSRP $45.95
Your Price  $37.00

The UR92 is a combo Duplex Radio Transceiver and Infrared Receiver Panel.  Using a UR92 means there is no need to plug in to select your loco when you are using a Digitrax Duplex equipped "D" throttle.
Cost effective wireless operation with infrared technology UR90 is a front panel unit that is an infrared receiver.  All current production Digitrax throttles are factory equipped with infrared capability, just add one or more UR90's and you're wireless!


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NCE RB-02 Duplex Radio Transceiver NCE Radio Base Station

MSRP $189.95
Your Price  $159.00

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NCE Radio Repeater (RPT-1)NCE Radio Repeater


MSRP $159.95
Your Price  $128.00

Second generation two way wireless for DCC. Will handle up to 48 wireless cabs. All features of your cabs are available without plugging in! Radio equipped cabs automatically switch from radio mode to tethered mode when plugged in. A seven foot cab bus hook up cable is included.
Increase the saturation of the radio signal in hard to reach areas. Up to 30 Repeaters can be used. A forty foot cab bus hook up cable is included. Requires the use of one RB02 Radio Base Station.