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6 Amp New Digitrax Evolution System

Digitrax Evolution Picture

MSRP $450.00 
Your Price $345

6 Amp New Digitrax Evolution System
With Duplex Radio

Digitrax Radio Evolution

MSRP $660.00
Your Price $499

Digitrax Evolution starter set includes:

  • DCS-210 Advanced Command Station
  • DT-500 Advanced Super Throttle
  • UP-5 Universal LocoNet Panel
  • PS-615 15volt, 6 amp DC power supply.
  • LT-1 LocoNet Tester
  • 2' LocoNet Cable.

Digitrax Evolution with Duplex Radio starter set includes:

  • DCS210 Advanced Command Station
  • DT500D Advanced Duplex Radion Super Throttle
  • UR92 Duplex Radion Transeaver
  • PS615 15 volt, 6 amp DC power Supply.
  • 2' LocoNet Cable


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3 Amp Basic Zephyr Xtra Starter Set





Basic Zephyr Xtra

MSRP $225.00
Your Price  $179.00

3 Amp Expanded Zephyr Xtra Starter Set


MSRP $363.90
Your Price  $289.00

The Basic Zephyr Xtra Starter set has been designed as the most comprehensive entry level Digital Command Control (DCC) system on the market. Most of the advanced feature found only on professional systems have been included in this unit. The Zephyr Xtra is completely expandable as your railroad grows.
The Expanded Zephyr Xtra is the ONLY starter set with its simplicity, wide variety of advanced features, and a clear positive upgrade path to bigger and better things without obsolescing anything. It is the Absolute Best Entry-Level System and makes a Great Add-on Throttle and Booster for existing Digitrax systems. For an entry-level system, the Expanded Zephyr Xtra has many impressive features - practically a mini-Evolution System.


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Expanded Wireless Digitrax InfraRED Zephyr Xtra System

Wireless Zephyr

MSRP $390.90
Your Price $310.00
You Save $80.90

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WiFi Zephyr Xtra