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Digitrax Command Stations or Power Boosters


Digitrax DCS240

MSRP $375.00
Your Price  $299.99

The DCS240 Advanced Command Station lets your LocoNet® System run up to 400 locos and 400 throttles. Full read/write programming, route capability, USB connectivity, and separate programming output lets you run and program at the same time. 


Up to 8 Amp DB-210 Power Booster

Digitrax DB210

MSRP $149.95
Your Price  $120.00

Up to 16 Amp DCS-220 Power Booster

Digitrax DB220

MSRP $219.00
Your Price  $175.00

DB-210 Up to 8 Amp Auto Reversing Power Booster makes your layout more fun to run more trains.
  • Single 3/5/8 Amp AutoReversing DCC Booster (no command station capability)
  • Up to 8 Amps of power total
 The DB-220 is a Power Booster.
  • Dual 3,5 or 8 Amp AutoReversing DCC Power Booster
  • Up to 16 Amps of power total