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About National Display Program

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What is NDP?

The NDP provides the qualifying clubs a Full 30% off MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) on all Digitrax and NCE products for the initial order only by the manufacturer.. This offer is  NOT limited to club equipment, all club members are invited to participate in the initial offer.  So, if you have been waiting to convert your home railroad as well as your club railroad now is the time to take the plunge.   

Does your club qualify?

To qualify for the National Display Program (NDP) both companies requires your club to be visible to the general public.  If you clubs railroad can be visited by the general public, displayed at shopping malls, featured in a magazine or attends conventions and operate (run trains) then your club and all members qualify.


The National Display Program (NDP) has been developed to promote Digital Command Control (DCC) in the Model Railroad Hobby.  This program has been designed for Model Railroading Clubs and members ONLY! 

What's Next?

OK, your club qualifies and your club has decided to participate in NDP.  Here is all you do.
Contact us hear at Southern Digital on (770) 929-1888 or via e-mail to validate your clubs qualifications. We will let you know immediately if your club qualifies or not.
Once you have confirmed qualifications select a Digitrax club representative that we will work with us throughout the process.  This will make it much easier for your club and us.
Southern Digital RR Hobbies 
10918 W. Jacaranda Dr.
Sun City, AZ 85373
Upon receipt of your club's all items that we have in stock will be shipped immediately, this will get you going ASAP.  If any of the items you have orders are temporarily out of stock they will be shipped upon receipt from the manufacturer.  If your club or members order items that have been announced by the manufacturer but have not been released yet these items will be shipped as soon as we receive them from the company. Your club is #1 on our list!!! 

We are fairly flexible regarding how we receive payment for your order.  We will accept payment for the order by;
Master Card
Discover Card
Club Check
Personal Check
Money Order
Pay Pal
If your club or members chooses to use a bank card, only the items shipped will be charged to the account on the day of shipment.  If the club or members choose to pay via Personal Check or Money Order we will send an invoice due in full in calendar 30 days. Any items that are shipped at a later date will be charged or invoiced at that time.